While browsing through my reader-feed filled with juicy bits of the latest experiential, marketing, advertising news – one brand blew me away with their creativity and quite frankly I was not expecting it. The brand? Lacoste. Digging into their past, I found many of their projects intriguing, so I thought I would share the World of Lacoste with you.

The first must-see experience is the Lacoste digital pop-up book that pays tribute to their heritage. Making its debut in 2010, this creative, interactive and informative book takes consumers on a journey through the brand history. Have a look for yourself, and you will effortlessly fall in love with the brand thanks to their rich imagery and old-school videos. A similar interactive experience to check out is Hendrick’s Gin story-telling website.

A more recent venture for the brand is the Lacoste Lab, a line of athletic accessories and sporting goods. The sleek, clean pieces developed a fresh outlook to the future, while remaining true to the classic feel of Lacoste – bringing a rejuvenation of sorts to the brand. The products were collaborations between the brand and current contemporary designers in their respective sporting goods fields. For example: the rugby balls were engineered by MITRE Sports (a company out of the UK) but the design was customized by Lacoste designers, of course incorporating the iconic embroidered crocodile.

According to their own website, “LACOSTE LAB is at the intersection of cutting-edge design and technological innovation.”

Lacoste Lab also pays tribute to the company founder, Rene Lacoste – a former star tennis player turned innovator and designer in the early 1930s. While honoring tradition, the Lab truly revives the spirit of innovation (an integral part of the brand’s DNA) and propels the crocodile into the future.

Another impressive discovery, and quite frankly my favorite, is their youthful sub-brand, Lacoste L!VE. The brand has been in existence for a number of years, and originally was called the RED Collection, but only recently did their social presence really establish the brand.  Since 2011 the L!VE brand has hosted successful pop-up stores, exploded on social media and even curated its very own inspiring blog.

This past year the brand appeared in full force at Coachella, hosting a fun pop-up store next to their celeb-studded Lacoste pool party, which is becoming a key event at the music festival.

On a smaller scale, Lacoste executed a fantastic two-week “Unconventional Chic” launch exhibition in London which featured photographs showing how real people style their Lacoste clothes. No matter what size project, they know how to stay top-of-mind, keep their audience involved and continually fuel the fire.

Alongside their ultra-hip lifestyle blog, which I encourage everyone to take a peek at, they also have ventured into other social media platforms and done so quite well. I’m referring to Lacoste L!VE on Pinterest and Instagram, or as they like to call it, Lacostagram.

Lacoste seems to be everywhere, doing everything – and consistently pulling it off. How is this possible? Creating sub-brands allows them to capture a large portion of the marketplace and focus on specific targets. Lacoste tackles unique projects, executes them well and is constantly pushing the boundaries. I’m excited to see what’s in store for them next!