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Javelin Seeks Exceptional Event Producer

Javelin is looking for an exceptional Event Producer to work on national experiential activations. Qualifications: Applicants must be available for…

Javelin Seeks Fall Interns

Now Hiring Fall Interns
We are experiential marketers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and exhibitionists…voyeurs of the American consumer… and we’re looking for young, motivated interns to work in our St. Louis office.

100 Days of White: Branding Stripped Bare

100 Days of White: Branding Stripped Bare

Every day for 100 days, artist Andrew Miller is taking a branded product, painting it white, and photographing it for his blog. By removing all branding Miller reduces each item to its basic form. For me, the work raised one titillating question I returned to again and again: Given a blank canvas, would you do to market your brand?

Augmented Reality: The Experience of a Surreal World

Literally, Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes a fantastic world—with its own set of rules and dreamlike imagery—onto the standard reality we all know and love. This allows us to play the role of Voodoo Witch Doctor, we guide those without our powers into an unseen universe hidden just below the surface. Best of all, we don’t need any magic herbs, sacred mushrooms, or dried lizard tongues.

Jack White: Keeping Things Old School

Jack White is prolific producer with the aesthetic sensibilities of a museum curator – and the heart of an experiential marketer. His newest venture, a record store on wheels, allows the uninitiated to touch and smell actual vinyl, hear the difference, and feel the magic of a record store.

Experiential Marketing Strategy Trumps Buzzwords

Over the last 6 to 10 years, experiential marketing has been a big buzzword. The general thinking was that creating exciting live experiences between brands and consumers drives results. Experiential programs were broadly focused without much of a focal point on measurement, amplification, or building long-term relationships with consumers. Experiential marketing is no longer just about tactical execution and buzz alone. Strategy trumps all.

Reading List Challenge: 19 Experiential Marketing Books

Given the wide range of views on what experiential marketing encompasses, it follows that literature on the subject abounds. Since many of these books rival college textbook prices, we thought we’d start a reading list challenge to lay down the definitive word on which titles are worth your time and money, and which ones are not.