This podcast is inspired by the myriad of amazing characters our agency meets, befriends, and often engages on behalf of our clients and the shows we develop for network television. NOCOAST ORIGINALS focuses on straight-talking, real, authentic communication.

Charlotte Sumtimes – Burlesque artist and producer, Charlotte Sumtimes, who also happens to be a midwestern mother of two, shares her story with us. From her humble beginnings in a small town to becoming a celebrity in the LGBTQ community, she has proven that gender, age, and all those other labels are meaningless.

Dave Stine – Wood Working Master artist and Entreprenuer Dave Stine tells us his experience from leaving his career in Law to follow his true passion of making wood into beautiful center pieces. From dining tables to anything you can imagine Dave can do it all.

Matt Hranek – bestselling author of “A Man and His Watch”, world-renowned photographer and bon vivant extraordinaire – gives us his well curated take on original objects and the joy “buying that one thing once”.

Ray Maurice – original poetic voice of the heartland – discusses the calling of writing verse, and what to do when genius strikes at 2 a.m.

Jeff Stevens – legendary creative director – takes us through the process of finding a blank space and creating an original: the USA’s first craft non-alcoholic beer.

Dr. Zhivegas – one of the longest running cover bands – defines success in making original interpretation of other people’s music.

Sam Coffey – owner of The Fortune Teller Bar and an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur – details a life originally led: opening a bar, salvaging beautiful objects, and why St. Louis has great water.

Music courtesy of “The Death” see more about this band at ( or follow their feed @the_death_band