Javelin Introduces VINIQ Shimmery Liqueur To Celebrities, Influencers, and Early Adoptors

Two years ago Javelin launched an audacious plan to introduce VINIQ to top-tier multicultural and millennial female consumers in the U.S.  Marketing the world’s first shimmery liqueur, offered in three vibrant flavor and color iterations, came with a clear challenge:  develop a program that highlights VINIQ’s unique intrinsic beauty, provides consumption education, and builds authentic ties within the cultural landscape through exciting events.  To achieve this Javelin put its robust spirits experience to use, and with its network of nightlife and lifestyle specialists crafted a strategic program targeting celebrities, influencers, and early adopters in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Rolling out such a program for a new, innovative product within the liqueur category wasn’t without its challenges – especially within the on-premise, where liqueurs haven’t played an active role since Hpnotiq’s success in the early 2000s. Many accounts asked, “Why should I take this product on?” or “How will it live in this environment?” Others asked, “Why will consumers buy it?” and “How does it benefit my business?”  Javelin looked to its history of spirits marketing and unique understanding of on-sale, on-premise, and distributor operations, and provided insights and solutions resulting in a sustainable, mutually beneficial on-premise program supported by external resources and activations.

While brand ambassadors led product introduction and education efforts, off-premise activations created ties to culinary, art, and fashion communities.  Influencers were tapped and leveraged across digital and social channels while star-studded on-premise events – hosted by the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, LeBron James, Jhené Aiko, Travis Scott, Future, Trey Songz, Gabrielle Union, Ciara, and others – provided an exciting platform for brand engagement and experience.

To date, the program has successfully, directly introduced tens of thousands of consumers to VINIQ, with indirect impressions stretching into the millions.