Social Platforms

Mobile Proximity-Based Apps: More than Just Coupons

Digital media and user experience are at a crossroads. Social giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have dominated the online landscape and have a steady place at the top of the market share mountain. To make noise in this crowded environment one must now have a distinctly unique benefit.

Trading Cards, The American Pastime

Recently, as I rifled through my childhood collection of sports cards, I found myself muttering, “Why don’t kids collect cards like they used to? They don’t know what they are missing!” I began thinking about how the hobby can inch back into the hearts of America’s youth and came out with a new perspective on modern day card collecting – and a theory about how the sports memorabilia industry has a huge opportunity in front of it.

The World of Lacoste

Lacoste seems to be everywhere, doing everything – and consistently pulling it off. Through interactive digital experiences, unique retail and experiential programs, and innovative collaborations, Lacoste is finding plenty of ways to keep their brand top-of-mind with their target.

Consumer Generated Content: Shaping the Conversation

Consumers are talking about brands whether we marketers are involved in the process or not. So why not be a part of the conversation, and perhaps even shape it? A well-crafted program can draw consumers into the brand story and then give them a reason and opportunity to contribute to the conversation.

Pinning and Winning

Pinterest. Many of you have heard of it and probably use it. But how are brands using it to their benefit? That is the real question. Since its popularity has skyrocketed, the social site has become a new space that marketers must understand. As a direct medium where people can easily share and search for products, it is time to learn the power of Pinterest.

You Irreplaceable You: Millennials and the Art of Customization

A key characteristic among many Millennials is the desire to be unique within a group – in fact, it’s important to 71% vs. 38% of non-Millennials. Could it because reality TV (designed to find the excitement in “ordinary” lives) exploded while Millennials were teenagers, rewarding everyday people who managed to stand out in their own way?

Regardless of the reason, consumers have come to see customization as recognition that no two people (or their needs) are the same. Brands that make it easy for Millennials to “have it their way” earn a lot of attention, interaction, and loyalty.

Javelin Wins Gold For Best Use of Social Media

At the Event Technology Awards ceremony on December 5, Javelin was awarded a Gold in the “Best Use of Social Media” category for BACARDI’s “Like It Live” campaign.

The Rally Squirrel, a St. Louis Marketing/Social Media Craze

The rally squirrel made his debut during several of the MLB Division Series games in St. Louis and reportedly took a road trip to Philly for Game 5. Buschie, as some have dubbed him, has become the most popular personality in St. Louis in just over a week. There are currently over 50 pages on Facebook dedicated to the little guy, and he has his own Twitter feed.