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GREY GOOSE Refreshes At US Open

Grey Goose® Vodka returned as a proud promotional partner for the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships, and Javelin delivered a…

Minimize Me

Simple living, or “minimalism” as it is often referred to, is not a new philosophy. It is, however, a very important trend marketers should be aware of.

GREY GOOSE Punch Series

In summer 2012 Javelin executed a special program for Grey Goose that brought together interesting tastemakers in cities across the US for the GREY GOOSE Punch Series. The highly targeted live events showcased quality ingredients, innovative pairings, and a creative showcasing of what makes each locale’s lifestyle shine.

Marketing to Men: Breaking Down Demographic Barriers

Men have never been one-dimensional, despite marketers’ assumptions, but now they’re defining masculinity on their own terms. They can be old school, shop, parent, and take pride in their grooming – without taking any guff. From creative retailing to nuanced positioning, there is plenty of room for marketers to up the ante with this important demographic.

The World of Lacoste

Lacoste seems to be everywhere, doing everything – and consistently pulling it off. Through interactive digital experiences, unique retail and experiential programs, and innovative collaborations, Lacoste is finding plenty of ways to keep their brand top-of-mind with their target.

Throwback Uniforms – a Case for Authenticity in Big Business

I was reading a great column by Paul Lukas on ESPN Playbook regarding the upcoming changes in college football uniforms, and it occurred to me that the college football world must have been reading our work on authenticity in marketing. Maybe they just share the same strategic POV – that authenticity is resonating strongly with the consumer…

Millennials, Money, and What Matters Most

From where they get their money, to how they manage and spend it, we have the scoop on Millennials and their funds. Making memories with family and friends beats money in the bank any day, and yet they like to save and be savvy consumers. What does this mean for brands? Provide value (which can take many forms) and you will gain their attention.

You Irreplaceable You: Millennials and the Art of Customization

A key characteristic among many Millennials is the desire to be unique within a group – in fact, it’s important to 71% vs. 38% of non-Millennials. Could it because reality TV (designed to find the excitement in “ordinary” lives) exploded while Millennials were teenagers, rewarding everyday people who managed to stand out in their own way?

Regardless of the reason, consumers have come to see customization as recognition that no two people (or their needs) are the same. Brands that make it easy for Millennials to “have it their way” earn a lot of attention, interaction, and loyalty.